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Dog Wash

Exclusive Services

Grooming Arts Northwest is a full-service all-breed dog grooming salon and spa.


Each guest is treated to a luxurious hydrotherapy massage bath and hand dried. Nails are carefully trimmed and filed for a smooth finish. Anal glands are expressed as needed and faces are hand washed with a gentle, tearless shampoo. Brush-out, De-shed, detangle, comb, and fluff-dry as needed.


Our experts provide gentle, individualized care. We strive to make grooming a positive and enjoyable experience for every pet.​

*Prices are based on your pet's size, breed, coat (thickness, matting, etc), routine grooming schedule, behavior, and time required to complete groom. While we make every effort to accommodate all requests, results and final price will depend on your pet's condition prior to grooming and their temperament during the session. Prices listed online are an average starting range for pets in good condition who are groomed regularly and have good behavior. Schedule online for more accurate quotes but please note that exact prices can only be determined after the pet has been seen.

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