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Dog Grooming Tools

Pet Parent
Coat Care Guide

Welcome to our Pet Parent Coat Care guide! Here you will find helpful tips and links to some of our favorite products, along with some video demonstrations. We offer free coat care education to all established clients so if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask at your next visit! 

Dog Grooming

Slicker Brushes

Slicker Brushes are great for everyday use, and for breaking up the bulk of your pets coat before combing. Use gentle pressure, and pay close attention to areas of friction like the arm pits, around the collar area, behind the ears, where harnesses may lay, and around the ankles. You can also use this brush to de-mat a knot by holding the knot at the base by the skin and gently working it out with the slicker. 


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Combing the Fur


Line Combs are a great way to ensure your pet stays mat-free. Going through the coat section by section helps keep knots and tangles at bay.


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Deshedding Rakes are great for pulling out dead, shedding undercoat from pups with double coats. 


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De-matting Spray

De-matting sprays can be a great tool to help brush out knots. This spray works amazing but if you’re in a pinch, corn starch can also be sprinkled into a mat and worked out with a brush. 

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Dog Grooming


Here are some great videos that show line brushing and techniques for combing out curly coated breeds. This technique can be applied to a variety of pups and not just doodles! 


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Dog Blower

Extra Tips

A clean coat will always be much easier to brush but if at all possible, try to give thorough brushing before the bath. Bathing a matted dog and allowing the coat to dry with mats in it will tend to make them tighter and harder to brush out.


Be mindful of the direction in which legs are lifted when you are brushing out your pup. Our arms can completely rotate however dogs limbs have limited mobility. Keeping them in a natural position will be more comfortable thus making the brushing process easier for all involved.


Always offer lots of rewards and praise for a job well done! Keeping sessions short and fun will help them gain a positive association with grooming.

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