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Creative Grooming

Creative grooming is dog grooming that deviates from breed profile grooms and commonly involves artificial coloring. Designs can be created with different pet-safe color dyes, extensions to the hair and carving. Some of the more extreme creative designs include turning your dog into another animal, or famous characters.

Creative grooming can also be less extreme and used on everyday pets! This can be anything from a simple strand of colored fur in the tail, all the way to a spiked, sprayed, and colored mohawk with gems and glitter. This is a way to jazz up your pups groom in an easier and less permanent way. This trend is easy to try and great to do especially around holiday celebrations.

We use only pet-safe, non-toxic products.

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a show poodle that has her ears and tail dyed bright colors.jpg

Temporary Color

(Lasts 2-5 washes)

Temporary Tattoos: Holiday, Hearts, Lightening Bolt, Skull, etc   $20 per area, single color

$15 per additional color​

Airbrush color: Ears, Tail, Feet, Head

$20 per area, single color

$15 per additional color

a poodle that has been dyed bright colors.jpg

Permanent Color

Tails, Ears

$60 per area, single color

$15 per additional color


$80 single color

$15 per additional color

Customize your look!

We can create that perfect custom dye job or creative look for you! For more than 3 colors, larger body areas, or coat carving, please inquire about your custom job and pricing. 

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