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Maddie Clark, CPG

Certified Professional Groomer

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Maddie brings nine years of passion and expertise to her role as a Certified Professional Groomer (CPG). Her journey into the pet industry was an unexpected yet serendipitous one, sparked by a chance opportunity at her local corporate grooming salon. With a background in grooming her childhood horses, Maddie's natural talent caught the eye of her prospective employers, leading to an instant hire.

Now specializing in Asian fusion style grooming and handstripping terriers, Maddie's creativity and precision shine through in her work. Whether it's crafting intricate Asian-inspired designs or bringing out the best in terrier coats, Maddie approaches each grooming session with dedication and flair.

Looking to the future, Maddie's aspirations are as bold as they are ambitious. Her goal is to attain her master grooming certification and venture into the world of grooming competitions. With her loyal companion, Darcy the bichon, by her side, Maddie is eager to showcase her skills and passion on a competitive stage.

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