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Bradina "B" Kretzinger, CAPG

Certified Advanced Professional Groomer


Bradina "B" Kretzinger brings over 23 years of grooming expertise to her role as a Certified Advanced Professional Groomer. Her journey began as a bather, where she discovered her passion for the intricate art of grooming.

Specializing in providing tender care to senior pets, Bradina is known for her compassionate approach and attention to detail. She understands the unique needs of older animals and takes pride in ensuring their grooming experience is comfortable and tailored to their needs.

Looking ahead, Bradina is committed to advancing her skills and knowledge within the grooming industry. Her goals include achieving master certification and actively participating in local trade shows to stay informed about the latest industry developments.

Outside of work, Bradina shares her home with her family and a mischievous feline companion named Gremlin.

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