Grooming Arts Northwest is a full-service all-breed dog salon and spa.


Each guest is treated to a luxurious hydrotherapy massage bath and hand dried. Nails are carefully trimmed and filed for a smooth finish. Anal glands are expressed as needed and faces are hand washed with a gentle, tearless shampoo. Brush-out, De-shed, detangle, comb, and fluff-dry as needed.


Our experts provide gentle, individualized care. We strive to make grooming a positive and enjoyable experience for every pet.

  • Full-Service Grooming with Haircut & Styling $90/hr

           Everything listed above, plus a custom style or breed profile trim!

  • Bath & Tidy Service $80/hr

           Everything listed above without the all-over body trim.



  • Oral Hygeine Treatment $30-$60 

           Using the PlaqClnz system ( we can remove plaque and tartar buildup on your dog's teeth leaving fresh breath and a healthy mouth. No anesthesia required!

  • Flea bath / Medicated bath $15 

           All natural flea baths and soothing medicated baths are available. We never use pesticides or harsh chemicals.

  • Creme Rinse Conditioning Treatment $5

           Restores damaged, dry hair, moisturizes dry skin and helps prevent mats and tangles!

  • Dematting $120/hr

         ​ We offer free brushing demonstrations and instruction to all established clients!

  • Handstripping $90/hr  



  • Gland Expression $20

  • Nails $25

          (includes nail trim, file, and removing hair from pads as needed)

  • Nails and Paws $30

          (same as Nails service with a foot tidy)


  • Oral Hygiene Treatment $120 

  • Brushout/Demat $80-$120/hr 

Cancel/Reschedule Policy

Grooming Arts Northwest is an appointment based business focused on individual attention and high quality service. Cancellation or rescheduling without 24 hour notice can negatively impact our practice. The following fee schedule will be applied to your account for cancellation or reschedule without 24 hour notice: 1st time; no fee. 2nd time; $50 or 50% of regular groom price, whichever is greater. 3rd time; full price of visit and all future visits must be prepaid. Please note, if you have multiple pets scheduled for your visit, each pet will count as one individual appointment.

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