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New Clients

Our practice is full, and we are not accepting new clients. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please submit your information below. Currently there is no way to estimate wait times or personally respond to every request. If space becomes available, you will be notified as soon as possible.
Thank you for your interest!


We are a small team of dedicated and certified professionals and we give each pet the individual time, care and attention they deserve. Large poodle mix/doodles, dogs over 50lbs, and XL double coated breeds may experience longer wait times and limited availability due to extra resources and time required. Dogs 30lbs and under, bath-only dogs such as labs, pugs and beagles, and breed-standard AKC trims are strongly encouraged to apply and can usually get in much quicker. Your patience and understanding are appreciated!

If we are currently accepting new clients, wait times for new client appointments to establish care can range from 2-6 weeks out or more. If you have not heard from us in more than one week after filling out the form below, please assume we are currently full. If you are just inquiring about prices or services, please visit out services page first.

**November-December are the busiest times of year for all groomers and generally will have the longest delays in response time. Thank you for planning ahead to avoid this!

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