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Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Client Care Coordinator and Front Desk Administrator


     Angelica brings over a decade of experience in the pet industry. Her journey began with six years in pet retail, focusing on pet nutrition and holistic health. Additionally, she has hands-on experience with dog walking and basic training, making her a well-rounded advocate for pet wellness.

     We are thrilled to have Angelica join us at Grooming Arts Northwest, where her expertise and passion, combined with her exceptional skills in client care, scheduling, and coordinating all things grooming, enhance the service we provide to our clients and their beloved pets.

     Having been surrounded by dogs and cats all her life, Angelica's deep dive into the pet world was sparked when she adopted her pittie, Bella, eight years ago. This passion led her to a role at a natural pet supply store, where she furthered her knowledge and expertise.

     Angelica is passionate about natural remedies and pet nutrition. She has a wealth of knowledge, and she loves sharing her insights with other pet guardians, helping their furry friends thrive. Bully breeds hold a special place in Angelica's heart, but she enjoys working with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments. 

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